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Caring for Your Quilt

by  Robin Brisson

Quilter Studio


Quilts are like people; they like the same environments and being loved. They don't like to be left in the hot sun, rolled up in a plastic bag (someone might mistake them for rubbish), left in a damp musty basement nor locked in an old wooden trunk in the attic.


They like it  best on a bed, over a sofa or hung gently and lovingly on a wall to be enjoyed and envied by all. If you display your quilt on a bed you can use it as a bedspread flat or folded along the foot of the bed to add color to the room or for extra warmth on a chilly night. Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. It is wise to put a sheet over the top if the room is not going to be used regularly. Try to keep dog and cats off. You can rotate the quilt on the bed if it is not a directional design. Be sure to refold the one at the foot every few months (in thirds, quarters, etc.) You should refold quilts on display in your home anywhere, on the back of sofas and chairs, banisters, shelves and cupboards, etc.


Quilts don't need laundering.  They can be gently vacuumed through a small piece of plastic screening or plastic canvas.  If you have a clothesline available you can also air them over several parallel lines. Place a sheet under the quilt and over it to protect from sunlight and birds.  Some folks claim that raking up some morning freshly mowed grass, placing a sheet on the clippings, then the quilt, and then another sheet will help eliminate the musty smell. Be sure to turn the quilt over.  Supposedly the chloroform from the grass is the magic ingredient.  If you think there might be some tiny pesky creatures in the quilt you might try freezing it.


It is wise to always consult a professional, especially if you don't know the proper care and value of the quilt. It might be worth more than you realize and you could significantly reduce its value.


© Robin Brisson 2000



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